About Tejido:

There is something ancestral in the relationship between people and land.  At Tejido,  we want people to question the origin of their apparel. Our products include heirloom knitwear, ponchos, & wraps made by master craftsmen/women in Peru. Tejido’s designs value the indigenous traditions that respect the native lands, the natural fibers, and slow weaving & knitting process to produce fashion that is art. We aim to create heirloom clothing that can be passed down from generation to generation.  We design classic silhouettes that are timeless and multi-season, encouraging the idea of less is more when buying handcrafted apparel from Peru.  

About the Designer + Founder:

Shanti Rackley, designer and product developer, has worked over 10 years in the industry for both larger scale companies and small independent designers.  Her scope spans apparel, accessories, and home textiles, working with overseas factories, small producers groups, as well as domestic manufacturers.  

Shanti's love for textiles brought her to Peru some years back, with a new focus on working with knitting groups and women's fair trade cooperatives, she began a line of accessories and home textiles that have sold to retailers such as Free People, Club Monaco, and more.  

We serve as a sourcing, design, and development company in addition to our branded line.